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What will you do to design my home?

We will work closely with you and try to capture the image you have created in your head of your dream home and make it a reality. All the experts in our team would help us during the whole project.

What is your preferred style?

We do not have a preferred style but we try to capture the image for the place you have created and create aesthetically and functionally perfect home.

Can you provide all the services required for the project?

Yes, we at Splendid Interior & Designers Pvt. Ltd can provide all the services required for the project.

Can you work on one area of the house or do you work on the entire house only?

We can work in whichever selected area you might want or the entire area of the house.

How much control do I have over the whole project?

We value your thoughts and opinions extremely and would want to include as many of your suggestions as you would want to the complete project. It is your home and we understand the values you might attach to it.